A Tesla owner reported being locked out of his Model 3 in his driveway after the 12-volt battery failed.

which controls the vehicle's minor operations such as windows and doors, died last week in the Texas summer heat.

The low-voltage battery is essential not just for powering the car's tiny electronics, but also for charging the EV's larger battery pack.

 The Tesla cannot charge without it, necessitating a jump start, just like a regular gas-powered vehicle.

"Confusing situation when you need to leave to be somewhere @elonmusk," Hegstad tweeted.

Teslas do not have traditional keys, instead the key card communicates with the car and unlocks the door using short-range radio waves.

Hegstad later informed Insider that the Tesla's 12-volt battery had died.

Hegstad stated that he received his Model 3 back within 24 hours of reporting the problem and spent approximately $117 to repair the 12-volt battery.