Audi's e-tron platform allowed for the electric conversion of the NSU Prinz 4.

The next major automaker to remodel a venerable classic is Audi.

In this instance, Audi revived a highly retro two-door sedan from the late 1950s called the NSU Prinz from 1971. Behold.

The freshly electric Prinz 4, which was upgraded in celebration of Audi's 150th birthday.

Audi manufactures its E-Tron drive train at its Neckarsulm facility.

The modified EV does away with the Prinz's original two-cylinder, 30-horsepower gasoline engine, claims Audi.

for a 240 horsepower, 176 kW electric motor, a gasoline engine.

 The battery is taken from a plug-in hybrid Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro.