US charging infrastructure and creating disastrous supply shortages, two of the world’s biggest carmakers have said.

Automakers warn that Biden's drive for electric vehicles is doomed to collapse.

Two of the largest automakers in the world have claimed that US charging infrastructure is causing serious supply shortages.

Owner of Toyota and Vauxhall Stellantis charged the president with having "overly optimistic" views.

In his campaign to pass a law mandating that by 2032, two-thirds of all new vehicle sales be electric.

The businesses were eager to voice their support for the transition to low-emission vehicles, and electric vehicles in particular.

 also a warning that the expenses are still too high for the mass market and that they need customers to buy them.

Many drivers are able to recuperate the cost of the automobiles, which are normally approximately £10,000 more expensive than comparable petrol-burning counterparts.