Plugin EVs captured 59.2% of the Swedish vehicle market in June, up from 55.1% year over year.

While plugin hybrids marginally declined in popularity, full electrics had a respectable increase.

28,283 units were sold overall, an increase of almost 9% year over year but still less below pre-2020 standards.

The most popular vehicle in June was the Tesla Model Y.

In June, EVs had a total market share of 59.2%, made up of 20.5% plug-in hybrids and 38.7% full electric vehicles (BEVs).

These contrast with 55.1%, 31.6%, and 23.5% from one year earlier.

We can observe that while PHEVs have somewhat fallen, BEVs have surged significantly.

BEV volumes increased 33% year over year to 10,956 units, while PHEV volumes decreased 5% to 5,798 units.