At the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford will display numerous Mustang breeds, one of which has never been seen before.

The mysterious vehicle, dubbed "an exciting new member of the Mustang family," will emerge on Thursday.

The Blue Oval wants to show off its "driving potential," so it won't just be a static display. What is it exactly?

It is revealed in the brief teaser film that it is a Mach-E rather than the conventional pony car.

The new Mach-E flavor hitting the Goodwood course with a GT and a less refined trim.

We may be dealing with an adventurous version of the electric SUV because at one moment, the future Mustang can be seen leaving the tarmac and moving into a dirt track.

Logic dictates that the alleged rally-ready setup with its vibrant livery most likely features an elevated suspension and all-wheel drive.

Along with the Mach-E, Ford also plans to display the road-legal Mustang Dark Horse and the Mustang GT3 race vehicle.