The BMW Group announces 626,726 global car sales in the second quarter of 2023,  the same period in the previous year.

BMW sold 553,369 units overall in Q2 2023, up 11%, and 1,071,326 units altogether, up 5%.

Sales of Mini were 71,816 (up 10%) and 140,357 (down 0.2%; Q2 2023).

The total sales for the BMW Group Automotive in Q2 2023 were 626,726 (up 11%) and 1,214,864 (up 5%).

The company's sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) more than doubled to 88,289 units, which is the most significant development.

Ev sales doubled, setting a new quarterly record (increasing 117 percent year-over-year).

With 14.1 percent of the overall volume, the proportion of all-electric vehicles is also the largest in BMW's history.

The business seems to be extremely pleased with the outcomes, noting that the proper products were released onto the market at the ideal time.