Nearly $1 billion has been spent in New York over the last 10 years on Elon Musk's ambitious plan.

It was meant to be the largest solar panel facility in the Western Hemisphere, one of the largest public cash outlays of its kind ever.

 Then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York made a statement at a groundbreaking ceremony.

Eight years later, the assessment still seems to be pretty correct.

At a cost to New York state, a quarter-mile-long structure with 1.2 million square feet of industrial space was constructed.

It spent $240 million on equipment to produce solar panels.

According to Musk, the Buffalo plant will be producing enough solar-panel shingles per week by the year 2020 to cover 1,000 roofs.

The proposal's power source, a Tesla solar energy unit, however, only averages 21 installations each week.