One year after initially anticipated, the EVs, one for Nissan and one for Infiniti, will reportedly go into production.

Nissan is upgrading its Canton, Mississippi, facility for the electric future.

The business has committed $500 million to transforming the location into its North American base for the production of electric vehicles.

Since it began operations in the spring of 2003, the company has created more than 5 million gasoline-powered trucks, crossovers, and vans.

The 4.7 million square foot property is being readied to produce electric automobiles twenty years later.

The first of numerous battery-electric vehicles for the Nissan and Infiniti brands will go into production by the middle of the decade.

Two electric sedans will be the first EVs produced in Canton starting in 2026, and two electric crossovers will follow in 2027 and 2028.

Nissan Electric Cars: TAMA, Hypermini, LEAF and ARIYA | Nissan USA.