When Nissan (NSANY) unveiled the Leaf in 2010, it became an early innovator in the EV sector.

One of the first mass-produced electric automobiles was made by Nissan (NSANY).

It anticipates that by 2026, the public will be able to purchase an electric vehicle.

 the corporation, it will stop producing the Leaf in the upcoming years and replace it with a new model in 2026.

Nissan will invest $500 million in retooling its Canton assembly factory over the following few years in order to get it ready to build the Inifiniti EV in 2025.

Last year, the ambitious EV manufacturer unveiled the Ariya Crossover/SUV to start ramping up EV production.

As of June 23, the company's luxury subsidiary Infiniti has not yet manufactured or delivered an EV.

At a dealer conference in Los Angeles, the company unveiled a brand overhaul that featured a new logo, updated showrooms, and a fresh idea.