On July 28, Rivian will unveil its first 'Spaces' showroom in Canada.

The R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV, Rivian's two existing models, will shortly be joined by a few more cost-effective 'R2' alternatives.

 The complete R2 portfolio, which is expected to include a crossover and pickup truck the size of a Ford Maverick, would be introduced the following year.

Rivian is concentrating on expanding its physical retail presence this year because, up until now, most purchases have been made online.

The first Rivian Space debuted last month in the heart of New York.

Each Space attempts to provide a laid-back environment for customers without any pressure to buy.

Every Rivian Space will be different in some way. Consider the upcoming Space in Austin.

Texas will include a green space and rooftop patio. An ancient theater will be converted into a new Rivian Space in Laguna Beach, California.