Tesla delivered 466,140 vehicles in the second quarter, up from a record-breaking 422,875 in the first and 405,278 in the fourth.

That quickly exceeded FactSet's Q2 predictions of about 445,000.

In Q2, 446,915 Model 3 and Y deliveries were made. Deliveries of the Model S and X increased to 19,225.

Following significant price reductions across the board in Q1, Tesla announced some price reductions and small price increases in Q2.

Even though Tesla reduced output below capacity, production nevertheless reached 479,700, outpacing deliveries once more.

Consequently, it appears that Tesla will have to keep lowering its prices, especially if it wants to expand deliveries.

Premarket trading saw a 6% increase in Tesla stock.

Last week, shares increased 2% to 261.77. In 2023, the price of TSLA has more than doubled.