Tesla is making changes to its referral programme, especially for customers of the Model 3 and Model Y.

 For referring a friend or customer to buy a Model 3 or Model Y, Tesla owners and buyers could receive 2,000 credits.

Owners will now be able to earn 10,000 credits for encouraging a friend to buy a Model 3/Y thanks to the recently implemented modification.

Purchasers of the Model 3 and Y will not accrue credits; instead, they will receive a $500 discount and a 3-month Full Self-Driving (FSD) trial.

Buyers of the Model S and X continue to receive a $1,000 discount and a 3-month FSD trial as their rewards.

As rewards, Enhanced Autopilot and FSD were eliminated.

There is now a five recommendation cap per year for owners.

Existing Tesla customers who recommend the brand to others may be rewarded financially.