British auto market online The search terms that individuals use on Google were examined by AutoTrader.

The majority of the world and the United States buy Tesla vehicles.

 a Google Search study, Tesla is interested in purchasing.

In 25 US states and 38 other nations around the world, the Austin-based EV nameplate is the most sought-after automobile brand.

With 21 states looking online for the terms "buy Jeep" and "Jeep for sale," Jeep comes in second place nationally.

Toyota, along with Alaska, Vermont, and West Virginia, is the third most popular automobile brand that Americans desire to purchase.

In 39 nations, including the US, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates, Tesla received the most searches.

The most sought-after car brand in the USA is Tesla, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and uncompromising dedication to sustainability.