Tesla, the industry leader in electric vehicles, is apparently on a hiring spree and prepared to pay its EV test drivers anything from $18 to $48 an hour.

To gather high-quality data for enhancing vehicle performance, the business has updated its job advertising in the US.

This will last for three months. The job entails working both day and night shifts.

Jobs at Tesla are available in more than a dozen US locales, including Austin, Texas, Brooklyn, New York, and Denver, Colorado.

Tesla has hired test drivers in the past as well. In the past, it has employed test drivers.

Full Self-Driving software from Tesla can handle tricky intersections or left turns.

To test software, including its beta Full Self-Driving program, Tesla, however, also uses data from Tesla owners.

The Elon Musk-owned electric vehicle company wants to depend less on data from Tesla owners and more on internal testing.