A kid's coloring book contains the elusive feature's probable hint.

The Senior Vice President of Powertrain for Tesla has stated that bi-directional charging will be available for its vehicles.

Which model will get it first, for the time being, is the question. And what kind of charge will be available in both directions?

 The caption on the Tesla coloring book available at the company's service center states, "Cybertruck has enough battery power to charge a Tesla.

It is unlikely that Tesla would have approved the publication of erroneous information in the book.

Bi-directional charging will probably be included in the Cybertruck's production version.

Vehicle-to-vehicle charging may be available via Tesla, though presumably not the full range of V2L and V2H options.

A 120V or 240V plug for charging other EVs or external appliances may be included to the production model.