Early July, Austin-based Tesla is rumoured to halt production of the Model Y.

Beginning in July, the Model Y assembly line at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is apparently going to be stopped so that improvements may be made.

tesla model y
tesla model y

The downtime is anticipated to last roughly five days, according to Joe Tegtmeyer, a drone pilot who has been continuously monitoring the facility since the beginning of construction.

Tegtmeyer highlighted that Giga Texas is transitioning away from swing shifts and instead going to day and night shifts only in a post on Twitter (via Teslarati), citing his personal views of the Giga Texas complex and information allegedly collected from some of his sources. According to him, the new shifts will likely start after the manufacturing changes are finished.

The Model Y production rate is anticipated to initially decline as workers undergo training and become accustomed to the upgraded manufacturing lines, machinery, and layouts, as it always does after such an update.

Interestingly, he asserts that Tesla employees who formerly worked the swing shift are being transferred to the production lines for the Cybertruck. According to reports, this will enable Tesla to complete testing and calibration and put the lines into production. Tegtmeyer predicts that this will occur in late July and early August.

If this information is true, it may imply that Tesla will be able to begin Cybertruck manufacturing at some point in August or September, just in time for the Cybertruck handover celebration anticipated at the end of the third quarter.

You should take all of this with a grain of salt, of course, since Tesla has not yet provided any official confirmation.

Tegtmeyer also highlighted a new Tesla production facility in his tweet, which is located about 20 miles southwest of Giga Texas. According to reports, the facility makes seats and perhaps a few other sub-assemblies that could help with Model Y and Cybertruck production. He anticipates that within the next several months, the factory will start producing.

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