A ridiculous UK exclusive, the Tesla Reacher is now available.

Customers in the UK who purchase a brand-new Tesla Model S or Model X will discover an intriguing but ludicrous gift inside their cars. Tesla’s latest add-on, “The Reacher,” makes it easier for drivers of new left-handed cars to retrieve items from the “passenger” window, such as parking tickets.

tesla model s
tesla model s

Tesla said last month that it will no longer sell new Model S or Model X vehicles in several smaller markets that had a right-hand steering wheel. Production was being streamlined with this. Tesla, however, didn’t want to abandon important markets like the UK, therefore the business is now offering a left-hand drive Model S/X in the UK, which is currently available at dealer lots.

This information is untrue. Yes, because the steering wheel and driver seat aren’t positioned properly for the area, Tesla is now incorporating a grasping stick of sorts into its vehicles.

A complimentary Tesla “The Reacher” stick and images of the vehicle’s steering wheel being on the wrong side were quickly posted by several buyers on Twitter. Everything is so funny.

In the UK, Tesla has started cancelling reservations and giving potential buyers the option to still buy oneā€”but only with a steering wheel on the left. A lot of people eagerly accepted and acquired a thrilling new automobile, including the owner who shared some of the photographs that are linked above.

Basically, the steering wheel will be on the incorrect side of Tesla’s high-end Model S or Model X in the UK. Hey, at least a reacher stick will be included.

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